Elle (19). Colne Valley Leisure Centre.

"Louise has been my PT for about 4 years. I started to see her due to problems with my weight and fitness. I suffer from Narcolepsy and Cataplexy and also have a lot of joint pain problems due to my conditions. Louise has been instrumental in turning my life around. Like many Narcoleptics I find it hard to exercise due to constant sleep attacks and fatigue. I was about 15 stone 7 pounds and desperate when I started and had a lot of problems with depression and self awareness. Louise has been a fantastic PT advising me on diet and devising a personalised training regime. I saw her once a week for intensive training sessions and followed her plan. I now weigh 9 stone and am physically and mentally a totally different person. Louise has helped me through my worst times, coaxing me when I really didn't want to train and never giving up on me even when I was in a foul mood. She is the most understanding and patient person ever and the best Trainer anyone could ever have. When I had problems with joint pain she had the knowledge and patience to work round it. The before and after pictures show how much I have changed thanks to Louise. I am sad that she has now moved to Cornwall but will continue to follow her advice ."

Helen (64). Home and Various.

"I started training with Louise in 2009 when I was 55 and had quite hunched shoulders, my knees went in when I squatted and I didn’t know the meaning of a core! Words cannot say what a wonderful trainer she is, her motivation and enthusiasm are second to none. I am now 64 and have a much better posture, a toned body, am much stronger and amazed at what I can lift, pull and press. Louise is creative in progressing sessions, making them fun and challenging and uses different equipment each week - trx, kettlebells, weights etc. She is very knowledgeable and inspirational. I am devastated she has decided to live in Cornwall, but my loss is your gain! "

Susan (51). Colne Valley Leisure Centre.

"I have trained with Louise for 7 years following a hip resurfacing operation a few years earlier that had left me with some weight gain, back issues and difficulty in getting up and down from the floor. Over a few months my back improved and weight started to drop. Louise helped me build confidence to try Les Mills classes which became a staple part if my training helped by her expert advice on posture and technique. I still struggle with osteoarthritis in knee, hip, foot, wrist and shoulder but Louise's training has kept me moving and I believe, has helped delayed further surgery. I look forward to my weekly sessions, tailored to my specific needs to keep me focused"

Tim (60). Wharfside Workout.

"Louise has been training me for a number of years and as such has become an integral part of my fitness regime.

Prior to meeting Louise I had had personal trainers that I thought were good but soon realised what I had been missing. From our first session it was apparent that she would make a dfference to my body shape and general health.

All our sessions are interesting and enjoyable (although tough), and her knowledge enables her to explain what, why and how each exercise is important and the results to be gained from doing them correctly.

Louise is very detailed in her teaching and that has enabled me to understand what I should be doing when exercising on my own.

I would recommend Louise highly, she is more to me than just a personal trainer, she has become a friend and a sort of life coach without the sermons! She is a very positive human being, great fun and always has a smile on her face".

Naheem (36). Fitness First.

"I can't speak highly enough of having Louise as my trainer, there's no way I could have achieved my personal fitness goals without her, nor would I have become much better about my food. With here guidance i have toned my body so that suddenly clothes that hadn't been near me for years are now fitting! I went from a 36 to a 32 waist after only 6 months of Louise's thoughtful and scientific approach to training. She has proven oasis of honesty, competence yet at the same time providing gentle chastisement to make sure I stayed on track with her programme for me.

She constantly checked me at every point of my training to ensure that me technique was correct .When I felt that I could not go on (or was just too dam lazy to try harder) she pushed me a bit more and helped me to reach my goals. She has given me a fun way to improve my fitness and has educated me on the finer points of combining fitness and diet. I came into the gym a novice but these days I leave with confidence in what I have to do. The programme she's developed has evolved over time and is always just the right balance between challenging and achievable though at the same time it is varied and interesting so things never get boring. This is a particular challenge for Louise has I have a very short attention span!!

One of the main areas other than weight reduction I had been struggling with was toning my body .I had spent the best part of a year reading Sports and Fitness magazines and frankly getting no were. After sitting down with Louise and explaining to her what I was after she smiled and nodded her head sagely and set about showing me where I had gone and wrong and what I could to rectify it. In the 6 months we have been working together I have begun to realise my goal of a toned and taught physique. An added benefit to the programme I have been following is that my flexibility has developed immensely. This showed me that if I followed Louise’s instructions on how to train additional benefits could be realised without additional effort. She has always made it clear to me that she alone cannot provide the solutions for me, so we have work together on a general life style regime to help me attain my agreed goals.

Louise is very professional, thorough, determined and motivated to do the best for her clients. She is also very fun loving, outgoing and always has a smile on her face. Whether you want to lose a little weight or really tone up you can get the results you want with her help. So if you are looking for a bespoke personal training programme from a trainer that takes a holistic approach to exercise then I strongly recommend you track down Louise and speak to her."